Our Objectives

The objectives of the Library are to provide resources and ministries that will strengthen leadership in churches in Brisbane and beyond.

We do this by encouraging Biblical preaching and supporting lay and ordained people to be trained for ministry. In particular we encourage continuing professional development for clergy and lay people.

The Library provides facilities for research and holds lectures and discussions about historical, contemporary and future issues.

The Library also publishes articles/books about people and themes related to historical and contemporary ministry.

About Mathew Hale

Mathew Hale (1811-1895) was second bishop of Brisbane. Influenced by the evangelical movement at Cambridge University in the 1830s, Hale developed a keen interest in the church overseas. Going to Adelaide in 1847 he established one of the first “successful” Christian missions to Aboriginal people at Pooindie near Port Lincoln. Consecrated first bishop of Perth in 1857 he had a difficult time struggling to administer an isolated and under-resourced diocese.

At the age of 64 he reluctantly accepted the unanimous call of the Australian bishops to the diocese of Brisbane, which was also in financial difficulties with struggling remote parishes and independent city churches that would not help them.

Nevertheless, Mathew Hale’s personal discipleship and commitment were recognised by those who knew him. He was a man of prayer with a fervent evangelical zeal for people’s spiritual welfare, a faithful pastor to his clergy, and was committed to missionary outreach to Aboriginal people. Generous with his own resources and able to relate to a wide range of people, he was known as “the good bishop”.

The Simeon Association intends that the Mathew Hale Public Library will honour this largely forgotten Christian leader and hopes that Anglicans today will be encouraged by his personal example in difficult circumstances.

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You can learn more about Bishop Hale by reading the book The Good Bishop: the story of Mathew Hale (1811 - 1895). You can order a copy by downloading this order form.