Video, Audio & Handouts

Listed below is a series of video and audio files (MP3 format) along with associated handouts available for download.



  • Ministry Skills Workshop slides
    Rev Dr Graham Stanton (30/10/2018) Download slides


  • The Importance of Peter in Earliest Christianity
    Bishop Dr Paul Barnett (18/03/2014) Download Notes Only




  • The Wisdom of the Ages in a Time of Instant Gratification
    Hon. John Anderson (20/05/11) –
    Download here

  • Canon Jeff Roper’s “Influence on the spread of the Gospel”
    Archdeacon Don Campbell (08/04/11) –
    Download Audio Download Slides

  • “Life online: helping young people navigate the benefits and dangers of social media”
    Reverend Graham Stanton (Principal of Youth Works College, Sydney) (28/10/11) –
    Download here


  • Social Justice/Mission
    Mark Fowler (04/05/10) – Download the talk in PDF

  • Changing Leadership for a Changing Church
    Bishop Stephen Hale (23/03/10) –
    Download audio here. Download the notes here.

  • Reaching out to families
    Reverend Peter Judge-Mears (16/02/10)
    Download Here

  • Emerging Adulthood and the need for Cultural Engagement
    Jim French (5/10/10)
    Download Here


  • Family Feud? The relationship between Youth Ministry and the Family
    Reverend Graham Stanton (02/11/09)
    Download Here

  • Developing a Parish Care Program
    Reverend Ken Hopper (13/10/09)
    Download Here

  • Great Aussie Blind Spots – Where our Australian Culture and faith clash
    Reverend Paul Hunt (04/08/2009)
    Download Here

  • Christian Heroes – Why write about them? Why read about them?
    Reverend Wei-Han Kuan (26/05/2009)
    Download Here
    How full is your tank today? – A great resource from Reverend Wei-Han Kuan to download and read.

  • All in the Family
    Reverend Richard Condie (24/03/2009)
    Download Here


  • Does the parish have a future?
    Bishop Stephen Hale (23/09/2008)
    Download Here

  • The strategic role of Theological and Bible Colleges in God’s global mission
    Canon Dr Peter Adam (25/07/2008) Due to technical problems, this recording is not available.
    Download Notes from this address

  • Guide to the Bible
    Richard Trist (22/05/2008)
    Download Here



  • Preaching on the Gospel of Matthew (2 Lectures)
    Rev’d Dr Graham Goldsworthy (11/09/2007)
    Lecture 1 | Lecture 2

  • Annual Dinner: “Archbishop Cranmer”
    Rev’d Canon Dr Peter Adam (04/09/2007)
    Download Here

  • Book Launch: “Please! No more boring sermons”
    Judge J D McGill (14/08/2007)
    Download Here

  • Genesis to Jesus: A whirlwind tour of the Old Testament”
    Rev’d Andrew Reid (09/07/2007)
    Download Here

  • School Based Models of Ministry
    Mr Peter Carolane (17/04/2007) Due to technical problems, this recording is not available.

  • Facilitating Small Groups
    Adam Lowe (27/03/2007)
    Download Here



  • Is the Reformation still relevant today?
    Dr Steward Gill (31/10/2006)
    Access in Catalogue

  • Hermeneutics – The Intersection of Theology and Law
    Mr Simon Fisher (05/09/2006)
    Access in Catalogue

  • The Ongoing Crisis in Youth Ministry and Some Ways Forward
    Rev’d Dave Fuller (10/07/2006)
    Access in Catalogue

  • Deciphering the Da Vinci Code
    Rev’d Graham Cole (13/06/2006)
    Access in Catalogue

  • Journeying with Young People
    Rev’d Dr Stephen Lake (16/05/2006)
    Access in Catalogue

  • Book Launch – Spectator’s Guide to World Religions
    Rev’d Dr John Dickson (28/03/2006)
    Access in Catalogue