2019 Annual Dinner with Dan Paterson - FAITH, FACT AND FEELINGS: Making Decisions in a Post Secular Age.

On Friday 10 May we held the Mathew Hale Public Library annual dinner.  Over 90 people attended this event to engage in fellowship with fellow believers committed to the promoting of Biblical teaching in the Anglican Diocese of Southern Queensland. Thank you to all those who attended and blessed the ministry of the Mathew Hale Public Library.

Dan exceptionally presented a thought-provoking and relevant message. The full transcript of Dan’s talk is available here. We are immensely thankful for Dan’s willingness to share.

Revd Dr Hugh Begbie, Chair of the Mathew Hale Public Library Board, spoke of the following key focus areas:

  1. Mentor and encourage current students in theology. Income permitting, we wish to add a female mentor to our team.

  2. Organise two bible based evenings at St Francis’ each year.

  3. Encourage biblical understanding through articles and links via Facebook, email and the website.

  4. As financial resources increase, financially assist churches with good leaders so they can offer to take on curates for the diocese.

Mention was also made of the upcoming discussion at Synod on “What does God want us to do and be”. The library and its supporters are in a good position to encourage those committed to Bible centred preaching to contribute to the conversation.

Christians committed to bible teaching have had a huge impact on the history of our country. Let’s work together to continue that journey. Please support us in prayer, by attending events, encouraging others to join the mailing list and, as you are able, support us financially.